Have you noticed how black women are often excluded from conversations, even conversations specifically about blackness and womanhood? The real problem is the historic invisibilization of black women - Black women who have suffered a unique burden of discrimination based on our relationship with both race and gender.  

Imagine if there was a lecture platform centering black women’s intellectual authority that exists to celebrate and lift the voices of black women as the authority on all issues pertaining to blackness and womanhood.

Black Girl Mixtape is here to ensure that black women aren’t left out of any future conversations on ANY topic simply because people claim they didn’t know we are here. We are currently on an 8 city lecture series tour where we are going from city to city creating a platform and stage for black women intellectuals to share their work in a sacred, safe think space. Additionally, Black Girl Mixtape is a growing digital directory and resource for black women doing important womanist work on various topics.

In the Fall of 2018 we launched h an online learning institute doing the work of decolonization. BGM Institute is our contribution to the decolonization of education (to begin with) by creating curriculum and learning models that center black, brown, and marginalized people by giving them the opportunity to learn from many brilliant black women in various industries. Sign up for our newsletter and continue to check the BGM Institute link on this website for updates. 

Use the "Apply to BGM" link on this website to submit your information to our digital directory and for future LIVE stage, online Social Discussions, and future instructor opportunities.