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Use this form to submit your information for LIVE (Stage) platform or online Social Media LIVE platform.

*Here are some ways to improve your chances of being selected for a BGM LIVE (stage or online platform):
- Submit video/audio to the email address at the bottom of this form. It is not required but it is helpful to our team as we work to schedule you for the best stage/platform to center and celebrate your voice and your work.
- Include as much information about your background and work on this topic as possible.
- Be clear about what you intend to "teach" in your lecture or "share" in your social media LIVE discussion. This space is for the centering and celebrating of black women's intellectual authority. It is about black women's empowerment but the ultimate goal is to create a growing resource and directory of thought leaders on various topics. 

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Before your BGM Application can be complete you must email a video or audio submission of yourself speaking (on any topic) to | It does not have to be a professional grade audio or video submission.

Because we receive so many applications/submissions we are only equipped to reach out to you to send an invitation for a LIVE stage or online platform discussion/lecture. If you do not immediately receive an invitation, thank you for your submission and we will keep your application on file for consideration for a future event.