Black Girl Homework | Episode 3: I Am Serena


I (ebonyjanice) have been having a lot of conversations about Serena Williams because of the racist umpire in her US Open match and the racist comic that exaggerated Serena’s features and made her look like a big baby. This episode of “Black Girl Homework” is a conversation about black women’s body ownership. About the ways that we are harmed on a daily basis - in the same way that Serena is aggressed against on a daily basis, about taking up space.

For this homework, please consider the ways that you are Serena Williams. What are some the ways that your body is aggressed against, daily, and how does that show up for you. Make a post on social media at tag @blackgirlmixtape so we can see your homework assignment.

In Eloquent Rage, Dr. Brittney Cooper says, “White fears rest on the presumption that they are rooted in fact. Everyone who is nonwhite is treated as tho their fears are the stuff of fantasy.” I point this out, here, because it’s important for us to collectively talk about our experiences so that we can force society to acknowledge our shared trauma around the ways our bodies are aggressed against. White fears are presume true. Black women’s fears and hurts are treated so other. Black bodies can’t be victimized if you don’t see them as equal|human.

Supplemental Reading Material:

Read Eloquent Rage by Dr. Brittney Cooper
Read “Citizen” by Claudia Rankine
Read “Too Heavy A Yoke” by Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes

Here are a few other videos to watch to dig deeper into this discussion:

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