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Black Girl Homework | Episode 2: "What's The Real Story?" (or) Ancestral Healing pt 2

Welcome to Episode 2
of "Black Girl Homework"




This weeks lesson is pt 2 of Ancestral Healing (or) "What's the Real Story?"

Too often, our elders and our ancestors stories are mythical or wrapped up in the hegemony of white mens imaginations. Its important for us to do the work to interrogate the "Why" and go deeper with our questions of how/what/when/where our stories took on the lives they took on. 

Watch the whole video on the Black Girl Mixtape Instagram page @blackgirlmixtape - then do your homework. Your assignment for the week is to: 

1. Think of a story (doesn't have to be a super complex story) from your family's history.
2. Ask your elders to tell you the story origin.
3. Consider the story behind the story. If the story is exactly as you always heard it, interrogate the who, what, when, where, why, and how so that you can expand on the story further. For example, if your story is, "Great Auntie was a virgin until she was 34 and had children in her late 30's because she wanted to travel the world before she had children." Ask some questions like, "Was she dating at all during that time?" "Who does the story of Great Auntie being celibate (or a virgin) into her 30's benefit?" "Why do we bring up Auntie's virginity every time we talk about her?" "Do we share the story of Great Auntie's celibacy with the men in this family as often as we share it with the young women?" 

*If you did not read this for Episode 1 homework read it now:
- Read "Sites of Memory: Taken from Inventing the Truth" by Toni Morrison

- Listen to Episode 12 of @ebonyjanice's podcast - "Rap Theology: Ancestral Healing and Andre 3000 Lyrics"

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Lesson themes: Ancestry, Story Telling, Patriarchy, Women's Body Ownership, Sites of Memory


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