The group of women that I've teamed with to create Black Girl Mixtape, are all qualified, credible, and worthy of bringing this kind of work to life because we have decades of experience challenging and addressing issues pertaining to black women in the U.S. and abroad as experts, as survivors, as innovators, and as Free People.

We all have a proven track record of holding space for ourselves and other black girls and women to show up as worthy of citation whether it be on matters pertaining to motherhood or public policy. From home ownership to hiphop. From raising black girls to be free to STEM research. With Black Girl Mixtape we are taking the authorizing agency from any other entity and celebrating ourselves as experts on ALL subjects that matter to us.

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Baryl Miller
Creative Director
of Black Girl Mixtape

Baryl “Be jai” Miller is a self taught graphic designer with 13+ years of design experience. She is originally from Houston, Texas and a graduate a Stillman College (HBCU). Be Jai is the brand and merch designer for The Free People Project, Black Girl Mixtape, BGM Institute,and BGM Accelerator. She is also a Creative Consultant for many of the black women that Black Girl Mixtape serves and for the various small businesses that are a part of our target demographic.

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Brenayia Jefferson
Senior Content Director
of Black Girl Mixtape

Brenayia Jefferson is a graduate of The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, where she earned her BA in Communications. She has always had a passion for all things media related, including, but not limited to: music (read: Beyonce), writing, social media, and public relations.